Monday, 2 July 2007

Culture of fear

This morning on Alexandra Ave, while stopped at the Smith Street traffic lights I saw in my rear-view mirror an ambulance trying to get through traffic stopped at the lights on the street before. People in the Ambo's lane were scattering to let it through until it got to the second car from the lights. They guy at the front wasn't moving, so the second guy couldn't get out of the way.

The way I see it there were three possible reasons for why:
(1) The guy didn't notice the big ambulance with flashing lights and sirens;
(2) The guy did notice it but chose maliciously not to get out of the way;
(3) The guy did notice but didn't want to go through the red-light-camera and have to somehow convince the powers that be that he did it for a good reason.

I know what I think is most likely.

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Vasilisa said...

4) or the guy could've had "sudden sensorineural hearing loss"... and didn't hear the siren :/