Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Thunderbird Exchange IMAP Workaround

Just wanted to document somewhere the workaround for corrupted
attachments from Exchange IMAP servers.

Details are at:


  • Go to Tools->Options or Edit->Preferences
  • Go to 'Advanced' Tab
  • Click 'Config Editor' button
  • Enter 'mail.server.server' as the filter
  • Browse through your servers until you find the one that is your Exchange
  • IMAP server. eg in my case it was 'server3'
  • Right-click in the table and add 'New->Boolean'
  • Enter the name mail.server.server<number>.fetch_by_chunks, and set it to
    'false' (eg i have mail.server.server3.fetch_by_chunks=false).



Max Baker said...

Thank You! This behavior was driving me nuts. Damn outlook.

Alexis said...

I have a lot of troubles with my junior brother, who once terminated all my MS Exchange data for seconds. I was angry and wanted to kiil him. But changed my mind:) and used the Inet, where successfully found out a program. It was very effective and suitable for my problem and perhaps will like this for me - exchange mailbox recovery.

Anonymous said...

First ghit for 'thunderbird exchange attachments', and a successful fix too, thanks!

One additional hint: after the fix you'll need to re-download mails with affected attachments, which doesn't seem to be possible one-by-one. Instead, go to folder properties and choose "Repair Folder".

G said...

Thanks! That worked for me.

However for emails I had already read, I had to move them to another IMAP folder and mark them unread to force Thunderbird to download them again