Sunday, 26 October 2008

6th-photo challenge

ls | head -6 | tail -1 | xargs cd && ls | head -6 | tail -1 | xargs gnome-open

Ok, not very interesting - its our cat, in a box of beer. She climbed in - I thought it was cute. I took some photos.

25th September 2005 - (Tanya got the camera for her birthday on the 15th of same)


Fioleta said...

It is cute photo, but cats are usually cute. Maybe I need a cat.. hmmm. (amusingly enough the verification word, which I'm supposed to type, is cater)

chet said...

Haha....always a geek... (I'm commenting about the command to bring up the photo)

And I like my verification word - 'flowin'